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Bringing Mind-Body to Healthcare

We're improving quality of care and patient outcomes through clinically integrated mind-body and behavioral health programs. If you have any questions, investor queries or want to join our team, please send us a note.

Curt Rosenthal
Founder & President

Experienced founder and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of bringing innovative products and services to market through the development of partnerships and sales channels in the healthcare and sports industries. Professional certifications from CBF & FIFA, a Bachelors in Literature from Miami University (Ohio), and a Masters in Writing from Antioch University-Los Angeles.

Peter Hermann

Peter has led global enterprise technology consulting, product and sales teams in public and private firms such as Marimba and BMC Software, and was founder and CEO of Belmont Software Services. He has a B.A. from Bowdoin College and an MBA from Duke University.

David May
Founder - Director of Technology

David leads our web-based and mobile technology development, systems operations and R&D. His software background ranges from product development to enterprise automation consulting and DevOps. He has a B.A. in Computer Science from East Tennessee State University.

Eric Hermann
Senior Project Manager

Responsible for managing projects in IT and software, digital marketing, content creation, and lead generation. Project Management Professional, Ph.D. in Humanities.

Dr. Francoise Adan, M.D.
Medical Advisor - Stress, Resiliency, Mindfulness

Dr. Adan is the Medical Director for the University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network in Cleveland, Ohio. Trained as a family medicine physician and psychiatrist, she is board certified in holistic and integrative medicine, and an assistant professor at Case Western University Medical School.

Dr. Christopher A. Iannotti, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Advisor - Neuroscience

Dr. Iannotti of Arizona Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists obtained his M.D., Ph.D. with the highest honors at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He completed his neurosurgical residency in 2010, and completed his spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Tracy Jackson, M.D.
Medical Advisor - Pain Management

Dr. Jackson is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. She completed her pain fellowship training at Stanford University, and has additional certification in medical acupuncture and yoga. She is currently associate professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine at Vanderbilt University.

Ryland Morgans, Ph.D.
Advisor - Sports Science

Currently, Performance Director at Everton Football Club and Head of Performance for the Wales Men’s National Team, formerly, Head of Fitness and Conditioning for Liverpool FC, Ryland has worked with top athletes such as Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Steven Gerrard.

Michael Rosenfield, M.D.
Medical Advisor - Chronic Disease, Pain

Dr. Rosenfield is a Family Physician with over 40 years of experience serving communities in Washington and Oregon, focused on chronic disease, pain, addiction and stress. He studied at Case Western Reserve University and did his residency at the University of Colorado.

Ed Harrold
Advisor - Mindful Breathing

Ed is CEO/Founder of Go BE Great Inc. He is an inspirational speaker, coach and educator in the science & application of mindful breathing for corporate wellness & performance coaching, fitness & athletic training and healthcare & stress reduction.

Dr. Daniel Angres, M.D.
Medical Advisor - Addiction

Dr. Daniel Angres is a national expert in psychiatry, addiction, and physicians' health programs. Currently, he serves as the Medical Director of the Positive Sobriety Institute as well as Chief Medical Officer of RiverMend Health Addiction Services.

Christina C. Murasco, Ph.D.
Advisor - Biosystems Engineering

Christina is assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education. Christina brings her scientific background to wellness models and devices, educational technologies and data science.

Carolyn Mazur, DPT
Advisor - Physical Therapy, Training

Carolyn is CEO/Founder at Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance in New York City, with over 20 years of hands-on experience with everything from professional football, tennis and basketball, to ice skaters, MMA fighters, triathletes and dancers.

Gary Hermann
Advisor - Eastern Practices

Gary has extensive expertise regarding meditation and mindfulness techniques acquired through more than forty-five years of involvement in the martial arts, studying and practicing: Taekwondo, Tai-Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Xing-Yi Chuan, Qigong and Kimoodo.