Chronic Stress: Do You Churn & Burn Your Days?

Posted by BreatheAware Blog on Thursday, March 2017


Ed Harrold is a widely recognized mindful breathing educator, speaker and coach for individuals and corporations, and a member of BreatheAware's product and medical advisory team . In this guest blog he writes about the shift of disease from environmental illnesses to chronic illnesses - usually driven by stress - associated with lifestyle choices....and what we can do about it.

Resolutions Begin with "Right Now"

Posted by BreatheAware Blog on Thursday, December 2016


When setting goals for your New Year, start with these things you can do to make progress in the present moment.

Seconds, Please!

Posted by Curt Rosenthal on Friday, December 2016


As the holiday season approaches, we’re all feeling ready to let loose from a full year of responsibility, self-control, and discipline. But if you’re anything like me, a few weeks of parties, delicious food, flowing spirits, and maybe not as much sleep as usual can really set you back physically heading ...

Why 2-Minute Training Works

Posted by BreatheAware Blog on Monday, November 2016


Why short stress reduction breaks are good for you on so many levels, and make it more likely you'll build great long-term health habits.

Two Ways to Push Yourself

Posted by Peter Hermann on Wednesday, November 2016


How pushing yourself to perform in life is compatible with pushing yourself to be more engaged with self-care - and how with both you will do more and be better.

Breathing is Like Playing Chess

Posted by Curt Rosenthal on Thursday, October 2016


How the game of chess can help us understand the practice and benefits of focused breathing.

The Stress Pandemic in the Workplace

Posted by Peter Hermann on Wednesday, September 2016


There I am in the picture talking about stress....and work. The workplace is the #1 driver of habitual stress ...

The Optimism of Health:Further

Posted by BreatheAware Blog on Tuesday, August 2016


We had a wonderful experience last week at the Health:Further conference, held at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. It's billed as: “The annual gathering for people who believe that we can make healthcare better, together,” and a place where, “the nations leading minds convene once a year to ...

Creating Resilience in Daily Life

Posted by Curt Rosenthal on Wednesday, August 2016


As a coach and trainer of athletes I continually emphasize how important consistency is for creating resilience, one of the most noticeable attributes of top performers that helps them show up and be at their best, day-after-day, year-after-year. There is a wonderful quote from legendary basketball coach John Wooden that ...