What if we paid doctors to keep people healthy?

The question in the title of this blog is from a wonderful TED talk we encourage you to watch regarding the value-based business model gaining traction throughout the healthcare system.  Matthias Müllenbeck of Merck KGaA explains how a radical shift from a sick care system to a true health care system could save us from unnecessary costs and risky procedures - and keep us healthier for longer.

Value-based care is when insurers, providers and hospitals shift their businesses away from earning reimbursement only for care for those who are sick (where they're incentivized to use expensive procedures and pharmacology), to a model where reimbursement is paid based on a doctor's ability to keep people healthy—through behavior change and lifestyle management.

Please click the link above - it's only ten minutes and will change the way you view healthcare!

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Posted by Curt Rosenthal on 03/27/18