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This library offers direct access to core patterns used in BreatheAware programs, and that absolutely everyone should know.

Use this area to practice on your own to improve pacing, depth and feel for each breath cycle.

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The benefits of breathing patterns are diverse, effective and validated by medical and scientific evidence.

  • Fight anxiety and tension
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Lower inflammation and stress hormones
  • Combat hypertension
  • Increase energy and focus
  • Improve social awareness
  • Enhance work and athletic performance
  • Increase genetic performance
  • Build positive self-care skills & habits
  • Reduce chronic disease & healthcare costs

These are just a few of the short and long-term benefits of consistent breathing practice; some experienced in minutes and others that take months or years to fully realize.

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Want to learn more? Here are a few resources to help you understand the BreatheAware platform, programs and what it can do for you.

Take a look at our Science page, and learn more about stress, pain, and the many techniques we can use to alleviate them.

Check us out on YouTube where you can watch dozens of videos about our methodology, programs, techniques, and more.


There are hundreds of breathing patterns and techniques, each with its own physical and mental health and performance benefits. This program offers a few of the core patterns that absolutely everyone should know.

Our physical and mental response to each pattern is based on an individual’s physiology, age, emotions, stress level, physical condition, and how much they’re practiced—so learn them all and use them frequently!

This 12-lesson program introduces patterns for balanced, long exhale, pause, box, ladders and energy breathing. These introduce you to the foundational elements of BreatheAware training programs, and how to control your own natural breathing mechanisms. They also prepare you for more advanced, clinical or lifestyle programs you may take.


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