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Non-Pharmaceutical Alternatives


Reduce risk to patients and your practice by offering or requiring non-pharmaceutical self-care as a part of patient treatment plans


Bring evidence-based, affordable or re-imbursable medical treatments to extend quality-of-care and enhance engagement


In the exam room, waiting room, or online, show customers that your practice is a leader in the coming wave of digital medicine

Why BreatheAware?

Chronic pain is the #1 presenting complaint...yet our outcomes are among the worst in the developed world...we have a limited and flawed understanding of chronic pain, what we do understand we don't want to accept....[and] as doctors we've botched the job. You have to move if you have chronic pain, and it is way better if that movement incorporates breathing and mindfulness techniques...

Dr. Tracy Jackson

The Hardest Pill to Swallow, TedX Nashville


I prescribe BreatheAware for patients to provide in-the-moment techniques while they are experiencing stress, anxiety, or just looking for a [regular] moment of mindfulness.

Jacob Wolf, ND, L.Ac., Dipl. OM