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Science & Medicine

It’s no secret that health is mostly about how you take care of yourself. Diet, exercise and sleep get a lot of well-deserved attention, yet there are many other self-care skills that can naturally lower stress, manage chronic pain, improve heart health, fight addiction, support mental health, and even increase job, academic or sports performance.

Self-care is about developing the most important habit of all: paying attention to how your body and mind feels, and taking action to support health and feel better, each and every day. Today, self-care is also a big part of healthcare’s future. It’s about what you’re doing to prevent disease, access health services, minimize healthcare costs for you and your family, and resolve or manage health issues safely, with careful, limited, and doctor-managed drug use.

So, read on to learn more about the science and philosophy of self-care and BreatheAware, or just go ahead and start training!

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