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16 Levels | 112 Lessons

Change your physical and mental stress level day-by-day, in 2-minute lessons designed and recommended by doctors, therapists and sports trainers.

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Includes Pain, Stress, Workplace, On-The-Go


The benefits of breathing, body alignment, light movement and mindfulness practice are diverse, effective and validated by medical and scientific evidence.

There are short and long-term benefits, some experienced in minutes and others that take months or years of regular, consistent practice to fully realize.

  • Fight anxiety and tension
  • Track your stress level daily
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Lower inflammation and stress hormones
  • Combat hypertension
  • Increase energy and focus
  • Improve social awareness
  • Enhance work and athletic performance
  • Increase genetic performance
  • Build positive self-care skills & habits
  • Reduce chronic disease & healthcare costs

It's certain that you won't see any results if you don't start learning and training! Ready to get started?

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Welcome to BreatheAware's Stress program from Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Curt Rosenthal.

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See a quick video of BreatheAware's products in action, and learn more.

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Want to learn more? Here are a few resources to help you understand the BreatheAware platform, programs and what it can do for you.

Take a look at our Science page, and learn more about stress, pain, and the many techniques we can use to alleviate them.

Check us out on YouTube where you can watch dozens of videos about our methodology, programs, techniques, and more.


BreatheAware for Stress is a systematic program to train skills and build habits for continuous daily stress reduction, calm, focus and energy.

The 16 level, 112 lesson program is designed to build knowledge and proficiency step-by-step, starting simply and getting more advanced in each level. It is designed as an athletic-styled program, periodized to make systematic progress each day.

The program has 4 primary areas of learning: breathing, body alignment, mindfulness and lifestyle application. Each of these is used to achieve skill mastery in 4 important areas: awareness, calm, focus and experience.

Each day, BreatheAware Stress delivers a new lesson, so you stay focused on the daily habit creation and education necessary for long-term progress. After completing the lesson itnis added to your library, so you can repeat lessons as many times as desired for optimal learning. You'll receive a new lesson the following day.

BreatheAware includes automated notifications to remind you to train, once or twice each day via SMS text and/or email. Go to your settings to configure your account.


BreatheAware programs are available anytime, anywhere, via any internet-connected device with a browser.

Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Support hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM CST

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