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You can turn daily reminders on and off on your Reminder Preferences page. Reminders are optional, and are there to help you build good habits!
You can choose to receive one or two reminders each day on your Reminder Preferences page. Sometimes two helps you find time on busy days.
Reminders come at or a little before the time you specify in your profile, either via email or SMS text message. Set yours for times when you want to take a few minutes for yourself. You may have to experiment.
Text reminders require a valid 10-digit phone number, set on your Reminder Preferences page, and a service plan that can receive SMS messages. Delivery times are approximate, and will vary based upon telecommunications network and conditions.
Email reminders require a valid address, set in your profile on the Login page. Delivery times are approximate, and will vary based upon your network and email service.

If you use Gmail, reminders might incorrectly go to your promotions tab. You can make sure reminders go to your Primary inbox by adding to your Contacts, or by teaching Gmail where to deliver your reminders. Just move one of your reminders from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab, and Gmail will ask whether it should always deliver your reminders there. Say Yes!
When you complete a daily lesson, you'll automatically get a new one shortly after midnight for you to take the following day.
New lessons are provided each day, and we hope you'll take them more than once! The more you train, the better your habits and health.
You can always repeat lessons that you've previously taken by going to your Program page, choosing a week, and then selecting the lesson.
BreatheAware provides lessons in a progressive manner, meaning you can always go backwards, but must move forward through the program in order. This is so you learn everything effectively, safely and enjoyably as you take on more advanced lessons. Future lessons will be unavailable until you've completed all earlier lessons.
First, access a lesson via a reminder link, or by logging in and clicking from your dashboard. From there, follow the instructions and click through the lesson. Take your time and enjoy it!
Select the email reminder check-box and set the appropriate time(s).
You can turn off all reminders by de-selecting the check-boxes for both email and SMS text. You can continue to access sessions on demand each day - you just won't receive a reminder.
The current BreatheAware program has 112 lessons, and we're working to develop more. Lessons are grouped based upon the BreatheAware methodology described below.
BreatheAware's program is based on a wide variety of techniques of intentional breathing, body alignment and mindfulness meditation. You'll learn how to apply the essentials of these practices to your day-to-day life.
You'll learn dozens of variations of essential patterns such as the long exhale, balanced, box, ladder, and bellows patterns. You'll also work on many techniques such as pauses, sips, pursed lips, and abdominal breathing.
BreatheAware uses principles of athletic "periodization" to teach skills step-by-step and progressively. Every month has a theme such as Awareness, Calm, Focus and Experience. Each month consists of four phases that focus on breath, body, brain and lifestyle techniques. Lifestyle phases are all about how you use what you're learning in day-to-day life!
Use the Dashboard to see where you are, where you've been, and where you're going.
Read about the science and medicine behind BreatheAware for more information about the program, and resources for on-going learning.
Password reset can be accomplished in your profile on the Login page
You can cancel your subscription on the account Billing & Subscriptions page, at any time. At the end of the current payment term you will no longer be automatically billed, or have access to the product.
BreatheAware provides recurring or subscription billing for convenience and automation. You can choose monthly, quarterly or annual billing.
If you have a code, choose your subscription option and then enter the code exactly as given when you pay for your subscription. Make sure to click "Apply"! Most codes apply to the first purchase only.
If you have a code, enter it exactly as given, enter your information, and click "Submit". For these subscriptions, no credit card is required.
For now, just send us a note, and we'll help you out as quickly as possible during business hours, 9 - 5 PM CST.
Tell us what you like, don't like, and what you'd like to see in the future! We love hearing from our users.