BreatheAware | Testimonials


“Adapting BreatheAware into my life has proven to be transformative.”

“A structured program for learning breathing techniques—all in bite-size pieces that are easy to fit into my busy day.”

“BreatheAware is an oasis in my morning and afternoon.”
-Maria Clara

“I just backed your awesome project and am giving away 2 of the subscriptions for Christmas, one to my wife and the other to a Mindfulness practitioner.”

“I have been wanting to learn breathing techniques for well being for a while now. I bought a book years ago and I haven’t gotten anywhere with it. I look forward to this, I'm glad I spotted you guys on KS!”
-Carol Anne

“Thanks to you both for such a project. I do believe in it, and I know that it will help me. We (many of us) "forget" breathing, so we tend to bring sort of blackout to our brain and body. Our life is too intense, and we need to learn breathing again. Thank you very very much.”

“I am very interested in this product and really need to reduce stress in my life.”

"I've been doing all the exercises since the beta release and I am loving this! I have many health issues and often compensate for them in my posture, so my body and breathing have vast room for improvement, to say the least. I can already feel a significant difference. And it feels good, both during and after each exercise. I'm delighted to have helped fund this project and even more delighted to be reaping the benefits. Thank you!"